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Five questions to ask when choosing a summer camp

Five questions to ask when choosing a summer camp

With summer fast approaching, how can you choose the right camp for your child? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask.

1. What are your child’s interests? Do they love exploring science, building robots or lots of physical activity? Look for a camp that aligns with their interests while letting them learn new skills.

2. What is the camp’s teaching philosophy? Does the camp believe in hands-on learning, lots of activities, or plenty of teamwork? How much structure is there? Does your child enjoy working independently or in a group? Find out what each camp entails so you can find the best fit for your child.  

3. How are the teachers trained? Safety first! All teachers should pass a background check and have a passion for training children (and answering hundreds of questions each day). Learn more about how we train our teachers.

4. What’s the camper-to-teacher ratio? (Ours is 12:1) Each child should have a chance to explore with lots of interaction with instructors and other campers!

5. What skills would you like your child to learn? What’s more practical for your family (or what would you prefer your child learn in a location other than your kitchen) – cooking, coding, robotics, programming or chemistry? We coded our schedule so you can see what skills students develop in each camp.