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Why choose IDEA Lab Kids' after school program?

Why choose IDEA Lab Kids’ after-school program?

When the school bell rings, what activities get kids excited? That’s what we explored when creating IDEA Lab Kids’ after-school programs. After a long school day, we want our kids to look forward to learning and playing at IDEA Lab.

A few of the things we have found that kids love:

1. We give kids lots of time to explore. There’s so little time in the school day for STEM activities, especially open-ended learning. Our programs give students time to explore an idea and find their own answers.

2. Is your child interested in lots of things? In our after-school program, they don’t have to specialize. They can dive into cooking, robotics, art, engineering and science all in one place!

3. We added lots of hands-on learning. Whether your child love creating artistic masterpieces or learning coding, each class brings in hands-on activities to help your child express him or herself and gain new skills.

4. We make time for physical education too! We get it, kids need time after school to burn off energy, so we add dodgeball and active games to our schedule.

5. One of the best parts of IDEA Lab Kids is that kids can explore high-tech equipment hands-on. Your child can learn how circuits work, program a drone, explore 3D printing or tinker with robots, and you don’t have to invest in expensive technology at home.

6. Kids want to explore with other kids excited about STEM, and here they have the opportunity to work in teams to program a drone or create a robot.

7. Kids also love a little healthy competition in creating battle bots or chess matches. Everyone loves a challenge and opportunity to display their skills in our showcases.

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