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Endless choices for AfterSchool programs

Customize your AfterSchool Experience

Choose how you want to attend.  Sign up for a single class – Signup for the entire semester – Become a Monthly STEAM member, – Full-blown afterschool program with transportation.

You choose!

Hands-on Interactive Learning

Our enrichment and afterschool classes are all hands-on. No more lectures! Build a hydraulic crane or learn about slimy science.

Connections to Real-World Skills

Designed by experts to teach the skills of tomorrow. Socio-emotional connections to applications in the real world, it is all covered within our extensive programs.

Amazing STEAM Courses

From Coding to Robotics, Maker Space Engineering, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship, Science Investigations and more.

IDEA Lab Plus

IDEA Lab Plus, a redesigned School experience that encompasses all of the aspects of STEAM that you know and love, but now even better, mixed with school support from our on campus expert teachers to help you succeed with your lessons and homework. Our new concierge service has been designed by our Research & Development team to adapt to every child’s individual needs.

Semesterly Classes

Semester Classes are offered at a set time each week for an hour per session for a select number of weeks.With this After School option, you can select any [STEM + Arts = STEAM] class(es) to attend once-a-week for a set number of weeks. 


  • Choose classes that fit your busy schedule
  • Attend the class on the assigned time and day each week
  • Earn achievement patches for each successful completion

Monthly Memberships

STEAM Monthly Memberships allow for a flexible way of incorporating STEAM learning into your child’s busy schedule.  Use the membership when and how you want and get the benefit of design-based learning at your own pace. 


  • Includes 4 STEAM day per month for a 2 hour block each day
  • Convenient monthly membership fees
  • Join anytime during the year

After School With Transportation

The IDEA Lab Kids after-school program is a project-based learning after school environment that encompasses all of the components of [STEM + Arts = STEAM] Learning.


  • Convenient transportation options from area schools
  • Participate in a schedule of enrichment classes from Coding, Robotics, Cooking and more!
  • Convenient 3, 4 or 5-day per week options
  • Based on a convenient monthly fee schedule
The IDEA Lab Class Selections

After school programs at the IDEA Lab Kids Campuses offer year long tracks for the following classes.  Each class is broken into 6 – 10 week chunks which when put together provides upto six years of hands-on design-based learning in each subject.   Whether your child attends the single day class or the full afterschool program, he/she will gain the benefits of learning additional concepts and thorough knowledge with each chunk of classes they attend.  

Our programs are designed by our very own Research and Development teams working alongside our curriculum experts and provide the most innovative ways of teaching.


  • Investigative Science
  • Entrepreneurship and Kid Boss
  • Drone Engineering
  • Visual and Digital Arts
  • Coding and Programming
  • Design Based Engineering
  • Culinary Arts
  • Maker Studio Engineering
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing and Design
  • Minecraft Coding and Development
  • Movie Production
  • Mental Math



Classes | Memberships | AfterSchool | Leagues What's the difference?

IDEA Lab Kids after-school program is a project-based learning after school environment that encompasses all of the components of [STEM + Arts = STEAM] learning. IDEA Lab Kids offers multiple convenient options for parents and students alike:

  • Convenient transportation options are available from local schools to IDEA Lab Kids Campuses. After school with transportation is paid on a monthly fee schedule.
  • Individual classes offer a more flexible pick up and drop off option for parents and students who may have multiple after school commitments and allows parents to choose a schedule that best suits them. With this After School option, you can select any [STEM + Arts = STEAM] class(es) featured on our After School schedule to attend once-a-week. This option is paid on a semester by semester fee schedule.
  • Monthly Memberships allow flexibility for a busy family.  This is an option that allows a member to attend classes based on their availability.
  • Leagues and Clubs allow you to up the game!  Participate in a variety of challenges and competitions where you gain skills, learn about friendly competition and earn levels.  Local, Regional and National competitions.

Check your local campus schedule to view their wide variety of classes.