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Covid 19

IDEA Lab response to COVID-19

Nothing is more important than your health and safety, and the need to protect those most vulnerable. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, IDEA Lab is taking the prevention measures and following restrictions by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The health and safety of our children continues to be our main priority. We will continue to follow all guidance and take the appropriate measures accordingly. As IDEA Lab is considered as an essential business to help the first responders, law enforcement and anyone who is required to work during these times, several of our locations are open and operate.

Our open locations efforts:

  • We’re sanitizing everything on our campus upon arrival (door handles, toilet handle, water fountain, sink knobs, tables, chairs etc) and departure. Hands will be washed frequently throughout the day and when switching classes.
  • To ensure your health and safety we’re doing forehead temperature checks before entrance. Anyone with temperature over 99 degrees will be sent home. There would be zero tolerance for any cold/flu like symptoms including allergies.
  • We will require pick up and drop off of children outside of the campus to minimize health risks, unless there is a legitimate need for you to enter.
  • We are only running small classes with a limited capacity students.
  • All students must register ahead of time to ensure you have a spot when arriving at the campus. A table is set outside of our campus for check ins/check out.
  • We’re keeping social distancing a priority- Students sit every other chair and there won’t be direct touch/play with other students.
  • Food Sharing is not going to be allowed. Lunch from home is recommended and If lunch is catered, it would be removed from box with gloved hands and put onto a disposable plate or a ziploc baggie to reduce direct contact with food.
  • Our floors and tables are marked with painters tape to dictate the traffic flow and designated working space.
  • Restroom/water fountain use will be one at a time. We suggest to bring a water bottle to avoid using the fountain. If the fountain is necessary, we will provide the child with a cup to fill their water.
  • When appropriate All our employees are required to wear masks.

Community Support

At this time we are opting to run virtual classes, camps and LIVE educational videos on our social media channels. We believe our videos and free online classes help families to fill their children’s days with fun and engaging activities. Our Austin location is lending laptops to families in need. IDEA Lab Bakersfield is hosting icamp classes where kids design 3D printed face masks buckles and donating them to local hospitals and medical professionals will help make a huge impact in the community.

Watch STEAM videos regarding prevention of Covid-19 with your kids: 


As the world is adjusting how to learn online, we came forward and offered STEAM enrichment classes online like: Engineering, Minecraft, Art, 3D printing and Coding & Programming.

You can find your local iCamps and iClasses in the link below:


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open?

Find your local IDEA Lab and check thor operation hours here

All Locations

What students population(s) are you currently serving?

Idea Lab serves the first responders, law enforcement and anyone who is required to work during these times.

Do you provide extended hours for essential workers?

Per family request IDEA Lab can extend the working hours until 6:30pm

What precautions regarding PPE are you taking for students and staff?

We are following CDC guidelines, our instructors are also wearing gloves and masks.

What are your cleaning supplies and methods?

We’re doubling down our efforts to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces in our campus. We are using multi-surface cleaners that kill 99,9% bacterias & viruses.

Are you postponing subscriptions?

All subscriptions have been paused, and families will not be charged for the upcoming month.

What is your refund policy?

Any cancellations due to Covid-19 will be credited to the family account for future transactions.

How can you help

IDEA Lab as many other small businesses is struggling with the economic recovery from the effects of the Coronavirus. If you would like to support your local IDEA Lab during this challenging economical you can:

  • purchase a gift card from our online store and use in the future
  • enroll for summer camp or pre book your child birthday party
  • join our virtual online classes. We are continuing to develop new ways of Idea Lab learning, and we have significant resources and knowledge to run exceptional online programming.

Letter from our CEO

Click here to download letter.