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Full-Day Options

A redesigned School experience that encompasses all of the aspects of STEAM mixed with school support from our on campus expert teachers to help you succeed with your lessons and homework

After-School Options

Our Enrichment and After-School classes are all hands-on. No more lectures! Designed by experts to teach the skills of tomorrow.

Enrichment Options

Enrichment at IDEA Lab Kids fosters out of the box thinking, team building, interpersonal skills that translate to careers across the full spectrum.

Workshops & Events

STEAM-based workshops provide design-based learning. Each 1.5-3-hour workshop encompasses a single hands-on project…

Summer Camp


Forget boredom and your same old summer activities! IDEA Lab Kids’ STEAM camps make summer a totally fun, memorable experience. 


IDEA Lab Kids provides STEAM-powered camps ranging from Cooking School, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, Art Studio, Coding, Programming, Movie Production, Engineering, and Science.

Online Learning

Don’t let the learning stop! Experience staying inside with IDEA Lab Kids to engage critical thinking and stimulate the brain. Join our iClasses and iCamps program and beat boredom!


Shop for our branded Lab Coats, Safety Goggles, Aprons, Gift Cards and more.

Party Options

Host a party at IDEA Lab Kids campus where amazing party hosts will take care of all the details!
Bring the IDEA Lab mobile birthday party experience to your home or party venue and let us take care of the entertainment!