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FOX 26 features IDEA Lab and Botley the Coding Robot

IDEA Lab Kids combines coding and chemistry on FOX 26 

What do you get when you combine chemical reactions and coding? Birthday fun at IDEA Lab Kids.

IDEA Lab Kids experts Kris and Vernee were thrilled to join Danielle Busby on FOX 26 Morning News Extra to talk about Botley the Coding Robot, STEAM – and elephant’s toothpaste.

Danielle Busby, mom to quintuplets, is on the TLC show Outdaughtered along with her husband and older daughter.

“We do have six girls and we want to ensure that our girls have equal opportunities in STEM,” said Danielle, who added that her children play with Botley at home.

IDEA Lab Kids partnered with Learning Resources, who makes Botley the Coding Robot, to create curriculum for the Busbys’ daughter Blayke’s seventh birthday party featuring the bot.

Vernee and Kris showed off Botley’s ability to be programmed with a simple remote – no screen— to cross a table, grasp a cup of hydrogen peroxide and return to Vernee.

The activity is one of many IDEA Lab hits that kids love. Plus, IDEA Lab activities always combine STEAM subjects, whether chemistry and coding or art and robotics.

“We incorporate the arts into STEAM so we can make it fun, and we can appeal to a broad variety of curriculums,” Kris explained.

IDEA Lab Kids can customize any party – whether a robotics-themed birthday, a pirate fest or a princess tea party – to blend fun, creativity, education and whatever theme your child loves. Learn more at www.idealabkids.com/parties.